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Yoga Passion 

Yoga Passion organizes workshops combined yoga/sports, business yoga and teaches Ashtanga and hatha yoga. Yoga classes are given at the Yogahouse in Arnhem, or in other locations.We are not tied to one specific location so it is always possible to engage Yoga Passion for inspiring classes or workshops in a location near you!


Yoga and top-class sports

Why combine yoga with sports?

As yoga is becoming more and more  widespread in the business world, so too more and more sports centres are introducing yoga into their training programs. No matter what sports you practice, it is important to maintain focus at all times, and not to be distracted by your surroundings. A lack of confidence may also negatively affect your performance.

Yoga teaches you to direct your attention inwards. After all, in sports as well as in many other things, you achieve the best results if you are entirely focussed on what you are doing. That’s why it is a good idea to combine top-class sports with yoga.

Business yoga


What is the effect of yoga on your company and on your employees?

What can be more pleasant than to relax after a long day of work or attending meetings? It often happens that working days are completely taken up with appointments, putting employees under a lot of pressure. Not only do these busy days drain people of energy, it can also negatively affect their performance. Obviously, any company would want to prevent this from happening.

There are many different reasons for introducing yoga into your company.

Yoga is a good investment in the health of your employees and may boost their performance. A healthy workforce is a productive workforce.

Productivity and work atmosphere
Yoga improves the well-being of your workforce. It will boost your employees’ morale, allowing them to derive more pleasure from their work, which in turn will have a positive effect on their performance.

Your employees will become more aware of their own body, which will help them to correctly interpret the signals their bodies give them.

Yoga passion is experienced in training employees of several companies, like SIDN in Arnhem, WNF in Zeist and Bilderberg Hotel Klein Zwitserland in Heelsum.

There are many different ways of introducing yoga into your company. During an introductory meeting a specific method will be chosen that best suits your company.

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